Specialists in Proprietary Trading
Accounts and Forex Education

We are a Forex Education & Proprietary Company that offers a comprehensive understanding of the financial
markets to traders. We offer virtual funded account with lower one-time costs, which allows traders to access the markets
in real-time without concerns about insufficient capital.


Our Vision

Mac & Gray's goal is to simplify the trading process, reducing the complexity and increasing the likelihood of success for all traders. We achieve this through a range of carefully designed products and initiatives. Our commitment to acting with professional integrity, fostering an entrepreneurial culture, and encouraging the exchange of ideas is central to our vision. We aspire to build the most supportive trading community in the industry, with a focus on trading and entrepreneurship.

What Makes Us
Different From Other
Prop Firms?

We have established unique partnerships with reputable investors, providing us with a distinctive platform and funding options. Our approach is based on both support and performance, starting our traders with a minimum of $10,000 and allowing for unrestricted growth to higher capital.


The Makers Of
Mac And Gray



Max Dormer is a driven entrepreneur with 6 years of expertise in property development and 5 years of trading experience in financial markets. Known for his ability to seize opportunities and deliver exceptional results, Max excels in managing projects seamlessly and navigating the complexities of financial markets. His mission is to continually create value and pursue excellence in every venture.



Owen Karanja comes from a solid background in Engineering and has a knack for trading where he has spent the last 13 years navigating the dynamic world of trading, honing his skills and expertise along the way. His corporate life has been spent at Barclays, where he dedicated 7 years learning the intricacies of the financial markets, business and regulations. He is responsible for in crafting and optimizing trading systems and analytics to stay ahead of the curve and trader development within Mac and Gray.

Senior Executive


Our senior executive has worked in the field for 26 years. He began as a messenger for a private stock broker in the city of London when he was eighteen years old, and he has since progressed to work for some of the largest investment institutions in the world.
 Eventually finding his niche as a trade support analyst, his resume is filled with such names as CitiBank, JP Morgan, Barclays Capital and Morgan Stanley. Anthony comes to us from Deutsche Bank, where he managed a team in the short-term debt market.

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