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About Us
Who are Mac and Gray?
Why choose Mac and Gray?
What is the advantage of Instant funding?
Trader Programs
What trader programs are available?
Do you offer a scaling plan?
Is there any other added value?
Do you run trader challenges / competitions?
Trading Account
How do we get started?
How do withdrawals work?
What are the withdrawal options?
How many funded accounts can I have?
What types of financial instruments can I trade with an instant funded account?
Can I hold trades?
Can I trade news events?
What happens if I violate the rules?
Do I require a stop loss?
Which trading platforms can I trade with?
What is I use a VPS service?
What are the spreads and commissions?
How do I get funded at Mac and Gray?
What are the Prohibited Strategies?
Which Practises are Prohibited?
Profit Split Scaling
Funding Evolution
Maximum accounts
When is the Maximum Daily Loss breached?
What is our KYC Process?
Are our trading accounts live or Demo?
How does the Payout system work?
How can I request a payout?
How will I know if I breach a trading rule?
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