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Learn more about what makes Mac & Gray the company it's become today.
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Specialists in Forex Education and Proprietary Trading Accounts
What is a Forex Proprietary Trading Firm?
We are a Forex Education & Proprietary Company that offers a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets to traders. Our commitment to our traders' success is unwavering, and we support their growth by providing access to capital, opportunities for capital growth, and training in trading psychology.

We offer live funding with lower one-time costs, which allows traders to access the markets in real-time without concerns about insufficient capital.
Our Vision.
Trading, simplified.
Mac & Gray's goal is to simplify the trading process, reducing the complexity and increasing the likelihood of success for all traders.

We achieve this through a range of carefully designed products and initiatives. Our commitment to acting with professional integrity, fostering an entrepreneurial culture, and encouraging the exchange of ideas is central to our vision.

We aspire to build the most supportive trading community in the industry, with a focus on trading and entrepreneurship.
Why Us?
We have established unique partnerships with reputable investors, providing us with a distinctive platform and funding options. Our approach is based on both support and performance, starting our traders with a minimum of $10,000 and allowing for unrestricted growth to higher capital.

We offer an exclusive CPD accredited educational program that complements all trading strategies in the Forex market.
Our success is directly linked to the success of our traders through data analytics and trade executions.
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