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Small business funding targeted at existing traders to promote entrepreneurship and create business leaders in any market.  
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To better understand you and your business, we'll organise a call with you during the application process. Here we'll get to know your ambitions, drive, and ask some key questions.
Once we have some basic information we'll ask you to submit a business plan outlining your projects and operations.
We'll send you an email with our decision, or any changes that may need to be made to approve the application.
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Tips For Applying
Ensure you are applying at an appropriate stage and have a clear opportunity to take advantage of. Share your objectives clearly.
Define the opportunity and make sure you are eligible for funding your and outline and highlight the impact your business will have.
Outline the costs involved in the project and ensure you justify why they are needed and how much is needed to cover these costs.
Outline a timeline and projections of progress expected to be achieved as these will be monitored closely if you are successful.
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